Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I found this article on msn and started to wonder if schools are equipped to decide which games or even systems should be purchased. After looking at how many game systems and games have gone belly up one starts to wonder if the game company can produce what they promise.

"Truly Terrible Game Consoles Since the appearance of the first video game console -- the Magnavox Odyssey -- in 1972, dozens of companies have tried their hands at crafting successful and lucrative game platforms. Each new machine brought with it the promise of a compelling, novel gaming experience, but the vast majority failed -- some miserably -- to deliver. For every blockbuster like the NES, the Atari 2600 or the Sony PlayStation, there are a bunch of duds that never made it far in the marketplace. And for good reasons: Some of the consoles I've listed here were ridiculously overpriced, some were woefully underpowered, some worked only with a stable of pathetically bad games. And a special few possessed every one of those characteristics."

I realize that some modern systems are well established, but how long before they are obsolete. Who is going to continue to fund newer games and systems. I am wondering how many of the teachers in this class have school computers capable of running the newer high quality graphics found in some games. Most schools I am familiar with have some old worn down computers still being used everyday. Tell me what you think.

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